Sunday, January 23, 2005

Disney Trip

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We went to Disney for the weekend and had a great time. Magic Kingdom on Saturday and MGM Studios on Sunday. We stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter which was alot of fun. It was a cold weekend here, so much so that I was forced to buy a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt. Check out the pics here.

Friday, January 21, 2005

We finally did it !

Our new mini-van ! Posted by Hello

We broke down and got the mini-van. We have crossed over, made it to the other side. The next thing we'll be doing is shuffling the girls off to ballet and soccer practice. But, we are very happy about making the move to the Odyssey. It is so pretty and has all kinds of great options. We love the DVD system and all the room inside. If we ever had to we could haul 8 people in this puppy. Check out some more pics here.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Mikal's 3rd Birthday

The kids enjoy some cake.... Posted by Hello

Anna and Ellie were invited to a fun birthday party at the park for Mikal's 3rd birthday. Wow - I can't believe he is that big already. We had lots of fun at the park. The weather was so nice, even a little Chilly. We ran around and chased each other, played follow the leader and even found clues (balloons) to find Pooh's Hunny Pot (lotsa treats). It was so much fun, we even had pizza and ice cream cake. Happy Birthday Mikal !!

Here are the pictures from our fun time.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

2005 AKC Championship Dog Show Hits Tampa !

2005 AKC Championship Dog Show came to Tampa. Posted by Hello

The 2005 AKC Championship Dog Show came to town this weekend. WOW ! What a fun time, the girls loved to see all the amazing dogs. There were over 1400 of them from all different breeds. We really loved the Weimereiners, Labs and Retreivers. Anna thought all the golden retreievers were named Princess. Ellie of course made her famous dog sounds when she saw each and every one. We had fun going with the Lobbs. It was their great idea. There were some strange dog-people at that show, let me tell you. It is a whole subculture of people that are REALLY into their dogs.

Here are some pictures from the event...

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Animal Kingdom January 2005

Animal Kingdom January 2005 Posted by Hello

We went to Animal Kingdom for the day, a beautiful Saturday in sunny Florida. It was so nice outside, actually kinda warm. This was everyone's first time to Animal Kingdom and the girls loved it. The first thing we saw was the Safari which the girls just loved. Then, on to the Lion King show. We then raced over to something we should have skipped, the Bug's Life 4-D movie scared the girls both real bad. We will skip that until they are older. We then went to play in the big playground and ride the Dino ride. What a fun day.

Here are the pics. Enjoy !

Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Years Eve 2004 ('05)

New Years Eve 2004 ('05) Posted by Hello

We spent this New Years Eve with the Lobbs. We had a nice dinner in our dining room and played games and had fun. We were all tuckered out by midnight and fell asleep soon after.

Here are some pictures from the fun.